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We sell and repair EVs!

Ridge Road Repair can service your EV, visit ridgeroadrepairs.com for more information.

Curious about electric vehicles? Ridge Road Imports has experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help answer your questions about electric vehicles. We try our best to keep plug-in electric vehicles stocked on our lot, and encourage anyone curious to come down for a test drive! With a quick pick-up and sharp control, electric vehicles offer a fun driving experience. When it comes to electric vehicles, to try it is to buy it!

Current EV Inventory

We are routinely bringing in more plug-in vehicles to our lot. Check out our current listings below!

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Benefits of driving electric

There are many benefits to adopting an electric vehicle. They offer better efficiency than internal combustion engines, lower fuel costs, and significantly less air pollution. For more information on the benefits of driving an EV, read below or visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations page.

  • Increased Efficiency and Lower Cost of Ownership

Electric vehicles run at 90% efficiency, which is about three times more efficient than an internal combustion engine using gasoline. Further, the electricity used to power your vehicle is less expensive per mile driven than gasoline – adding up to significant savings! Consumer reports found that a typical driver will save between $800 - $1000 per year on fueling costs! In addition to fuel savings, the electric drive train has fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, which means less trips to the mechanic, and an estimated $4,600 saved over the lifetime of the vehicle (Consumer Reports).

  • Less Emissions

Both all electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have significantly less tailpipe and life-time emissions. All electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, and so do plug-in hybrids when in all-electric mode! While the life-time emissions of a plug-in vehicle depend on the electric grid used to charge your vehicle, it has been that electric vehicles are cleaner to drive in all 50 U.S. states (Union of Concerned Scientists).

  • Freedom and Convenience

Using electricity to power your car reduces our dependency on foreign oil. Electricity is generated in the U.S., usually with cleaner sources than gasoline powers electric vehicles. In New York State, we have one of the cleanest grids with hydro and local renewable sources! By choosing electricity over gas, you can support cleaner domestic energy sources. Another benefit of driving electric? You can plug into any wall outlet! That means you can charge your car at home, or anywhere you have access to plug. All of our vehicles come with a standard SAE J1772 portable plug. More information on charging is below!

About EV Charging

One of the biggest concerns people have around adopting an electric vehicle is that there is no where to charge their vehicle! We are here to show you that isn’t true!

  • EV Charging Basics

There are three levels of charging stations that you will find publicly. Each level offers a different level of power and will charge your vehicle at different rates. Level 1 and Level 2 charging deliver AC power to your vehicle, where it is converted to DC power on board your vehicle and charges the battery. DC Fast Chargers, sometimes called “super chargers” or “fast chargers” deliver DC power directly to your battery and provides the fast charge. You can find all of levels of chargers publicly. Below summarizes these charger types and their characteristics.

  1. AC LEVEL 1
    • Best for 6 hour+ or overnight charging
    • Requires 120 volt supply at 12–16 amps
    • Alternating Current (AC) provided at 1.4–1.9 kW
    • Minimal peak load/demand charge impacts
    • Station hardware $500–$1,000 per port
  2. AC LEVEL 2
    • Best for 2–6 hour dwell times
    • Requires 208/240V supply at 20–80 amps
    • AC provided at 3.3–19.2 kW (6.6 kW most common)
    • Minimal peak/load demand charge
    • Station hardware $600–$5,000 per port
    • 30-minute fast charging for high turnover contexts
    • Requires 3-phase 480 volt supply at 80–200 Amps
    • Direct Current (DC) provided at 40–100 kW
    • Station hardware $7,000–$50,000 per port
  • EV Charging Availability

New York and other states are committed to increasing charging infrastructure to it’s drivers. In New York, there are over 7,000 charging ports. In Tompkins County, there are over 85 ports available (Atlas Policy). Many stations offer free electricity, while others charge a nominal fee. Fees for charging your vehicle vary from station to station. There are several online maps where interested drivers can find stations near them. We recommend checking the Alternative Fuels Data Center map, embedded below.

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Do you have an electric vehicle that you’d like to see at Ridge Road Imports? Request it below and our staff with notify you if we are able to find it for you!

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